Toyota Kenya Ventures Into The Car Trade-in Business.

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Good news to Kenyans as Toyota Kenya, through CFAO Motors, the sole distributor of Toyota cars in Kenya, has unveiled its vehicle trade-in Scheme.

The scheme is expected to ease new car ownership for Kenyans in a country where most people buy second-hand cars.

The company said it would run the trade-in business through an affiliate called Auto mark, which deals in certified pre-owned vehicles.

 In explaining the new car trade-in business, CFAO Motors Kenya Limited, Managing Director Arvinder Reel, said the process is as easy as bringing in your current car for valuation and paying the balance for a brand new car.

The new scheme allows for flexible payment to make the process even easier for Kenyans; one can either pay for a new car up-front or through bank financing.

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 Arvinder Reel said, “We are venturing into trade-in of cars to increase sales of new vehicles in the country.” 

“The company is currently in the process of coming up with a checklist that will guide on the value of a trade-in vehicle as well as other parameters, he added.

The process, which is also expected to increase sales of Toyota new cars, has been received by many Kenyans who think it is the best idea not only for Toyota Kenya but also for many Kenyans across the country and to the entire East Africa Community.

The valuation process will involve a thorough review of the car’s overall condition to ensure the vehicle has never been involved in any accidents.

 Reel said, “The vehicle to be traded-in must also not have been stolen, must have proper documentation and the engine should also be in good working condition among other parameters.”

In announcing the trade-in business, Toyota Kenya also announced the rebranding of Toyota Kenya to CFAO Motors.

You know the popular saying, which has also become a reality in the Kenyan roads, “The car in front of you is always a Toyota.” 

{Photo Courtesy: Toyota Kenya}

The rebranding is expected to make Toyota cars the best choice for Kenyans in a market that is beginning to embrace other brands such as Honda, Mazda, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi.

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 Yesterday, the 15th Match 2022 revealed that the company’s new identity is expected to enhance its value proposition in the automotive market.

 CFAO Motor Kenya is expected to introduce new brands in the Kenyan market, among them used cars and spare parts.

Therefore, the business will involve the sale of new and pre-owned vehicles, service and maintenance, parts, and vehicle assembly.

Toyota Kenya
{Photo Courtesy: Toyota Kenya Show Room}

According to reports, CFAO Motors Kenya is among the authorized Toyota car dealers that recorded higher sales last year as the industry recovered from the negative effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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