Tedd Josiah: “If You Aren’t Ready For A Relationship, Wait or Play Until you are.”

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Tedd Josiah must have woken up on the right side; the former music producer took to his social media platforms to share great wisdom on relationships and what he believes would make any relationship successful.

The success of any relationship depends on the readiness of an individual. You must be willing and ready to start something you are determined to complete.

He noted that most relationships are built around fear, not to step on your partner’s toes.

Tedd Josiah believes that most individuals and relationships don’t live up to the expectations because partners are unwilling to open up fully and share their experiences and beliefs.

 And this is hurting more people and causing more harm to relationships and could be the main cause of depression amongst young men and women.

Tedd Josiah
{Photo Courtesy: Entrepreneur Tedd Josiah}

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Have you ever wanted to do something so badly but then failed to take action because you didn’t know how your partner would react.

Tedd Josiah dropped this for you to think over and find a way to make your life worth living.

 He said, “Imagine being in a constant state of anxiety because you don’t want to cough the wrong way, say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, make even the slightest of mistakes, or worse still you can’t be yourself….This is how many people are sliding from relationships into depression.”

According to Tedd Josiah, it boils down to the readiness of every individual for a relationship.

Tedd said, “If you are not ready for a relationship or ready to settle down my brother, my sister… play in the playground until you are ready but don’t use human hearts as a toy for your games…I said what I said! No one wants to talk about this openly though. – from the playbook of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT 101.”

Build yourself first; note that you cannot give what you don’t have.

Tedd breathed wisdom for those with ears to hear in a long post.

{Photo Courtesy: Entrepreneur Tedd Josiah}

“Some people are seasonal and the quicker you figure that out the better for you. This is how you can tell seasonal people. They enjoy the fun times A LOT!!! And will always be there at any sign of fun,” he said.

“They have many different people in their lives all for the fun times. They find the process of building and committing TOUGH!!!! At the drop of a hat they will leave you and your dreams in a rut and you have to figure yourself out because they had a change of heart,” he added.

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“They NEVER reach a targeted goal unless it’s under pressure or you FORCE them. I’ve learnt to GUARD MY DREAMS & GOALS against such people cause they will make u fail and fail badly……After all, you were just a season in their lives… u don’t matter, the fun times matter…..Now how many COMMITTED people do you truly have in your corner?” he shared.

You will know when you are ready. Don’t play or wait too long.

Tedd Josiah is an entrepreneur and founder of JOKA JOK, a Kenyan designer bag company.

{Photo Courtesy: Entrepreneur Tedd Josiah collection. JOKA JOK}

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