Oga Obinna, “Most Men, Are Unfaithful, Only Broke Ones are Loyal.”

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Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna sparked a social media conversation after he accused men of being loyal only because they were broke.

Most Kenyans will agree with the statement by Obinna about men and what differentiates them.

Oga Obinna said, “Given a chance every man is a cheat.”

He further said that men are only loyal because they have no financial stability to sustain many women.

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Oga Obinna made these remarks during the Kiss FM Morning show.

Oga Obinna
{Photo Courtesy: Oga Obinna}

“Loyal men are just broke. Even broke men cheats when they get money. It’s said a person who does not travel assumes their mum is the best cook.”

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A man who doesn’t travel thinks only Kenyan women are beautiful; the minute they travel, they change that mentality. Every man is disloyal; it depends on how much money they make. Small money loyalty, more money, more options,” he added.

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{Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna at Kiss FM studios}

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