Mulamwah – I have No Regrets Concerning What I Have Said About My Ex Sonie.

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Comedian Mulamwah has insisted that he has no regrets whatsoever about what he said concerning Carol Sonie in the past.

 Mulamwah has publicly continued to send strong messages announcing that he doesn’t regret one bit of the comments he made about his baby mama Carrol Sonie.

 Mulamwah, who had graced the Tusker at 100 events that took place this past weekend, was interviewed by SPM Buzz.

 Mulamwah defended his decision to speak about his past with Carrol Sonie.

 He said, “From the time I burnt my shirt, nothing else scares me.

{Photo Courtesy: Comedian Mulamwah}

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 “Whether you’re supporting me or criticising me, I don’t know you and I don’t care. I am focusing on my work.”

 “Before I post anything, I normally scrutinise many things. I don’t have any regrets for saying whatever I said. When you see a man has gotten to that point, there were a lot of things.”

 “That’s why I sometimes said back that I shouldn’t open up as there was nothing good I could reveal.

 ” That’s why I said that if I spoke, I could spoil many people’s lives, not only Carrol. She has her mother, her sister, people from church. Now if I talk anything I could spoil a lot.”

 He said he became the villain in the story because he has a bigger megaphone than Carrol, who he felt also spoke as much as he did.

{Photo Courtesy: Shix, Mulamwah, and jackyvike at the Tusker at 100 events}

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 “What people don’t realise is that when Carrol speaks, she doesn’t reach such a big audience, unlike when I talk you will hear me first. So it looks like I am the one who is talking a lot because things are being said outside there.”

 Sonie, on the other hand, has insisted that putting everything on social media will only cause more damage.

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