CS Magoha has ordered the arrest of Exam officials who will be found with a mobile phone in exam centers.

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Education Cabinet Secretary Magoha has banned all exam officials from using mobile phones in centers.

Speaking in Nyeri, where he inspected the distribution of KCPE examination papers, the CS ordered that any official found with a phone in the exam room be arrested and charged.

“Nobody must enter the examination room with a cellphone. That includes the centre managers, who must leave their phones in the offices,” Prof Magoha said.

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He made this order after several center managers were caught with photos of the exams minutes after it started.

Prof Magoha said, “We were able to pick certain centre managers taking images of the question paper about 39 minutes after the examination had started. This is not acceptable and we are not going to take it lightly. “

He further dismissed claims that bandits had attacked the pupils and that some pupils had missed the first exams.

While trashing the claims, he said that the gunshots were more than three kilometers away, adding that the children would be safe.

{Photo Courtesy: CS Magoha and a class 8 pupil}

“All candidates in the country had started their exams even in the highly volatile areas saying that they are safe until the last day,” Magoha said.

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“All the children supposed to do exams yesterday did, including the ones in security threatened areas, and to be more specific, those in Baringo, did their exams. We have beefed up security in that area and they are going to continue today and tomorrow,” Prof Magoha said.

“This is an exam, and we must deliver, “Magoha told officials who arrived late at the exam center in Nyeri County.

These are some of the measures that the government has put through the Ministry of Education to ensure no exam cheating.

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