‘I’m Getting Paid 6 Times More,’ Obinna Reveals His Kiss FM Salary

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Celebrated Comedian Oga Obinna has revealed to his huge following that he will be taking over from where Jalang’o stopped after he secured his dream job on Kiss FM’s morning show.

Speaking to fellow comedian 2Mbili on his YouTube channel after announcing he has joined the station, Obinna explained how much he is being paid.

“I did not say anything, but what I will say is, it is somewhere between …but what I want to say is, what I’m being paid is good let’s say it is 6 times what I was being paid previously,” Obinna said.

Asked if he was to be poached by his previous employers and offered twice the amount he is getting at Kiss FM, would he leave?

{Photo Courtesy: Comedian Obinna}

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His response was, “Never.”

Adding, “We move. You know there are people who are now working and being paid a lot of money, but the environment they are working in is not conducive, friendly, or a happy environment. I would choose a happy environment with less money other than an environment where you are pressed, and you are not happy. But nowadays, I chose peace.”

Obinna revealed that he has worked for several media houses.

“I’m the only radio presenter to have done the whole 9 yards, started with the late-night show, then evening, then midmorning, then drive, and now breakfast. I’m contented.”

{Photo Courtesy: Jalang’o Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna}

He further stated, “They made me stronger, made me work harder, and made me better.

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Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone that FIRED me, PUSHED me away, CANCELLED me, or MISTREATED me in a personal or professional position, ASANTENI. Without that, I wouldn’t have worked harder maybe.”

At SemaKenya we wish Obinna all the best at Kiss FM.

{Photo Courtesy: Obinna}

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