Thee Pluto: I Have My Own House, But Pay Ksh.100K Rent

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Kenyan YouTuber, Thee Pluto, born Robert Ndegwa Kamau, also claimed to spend at least Ksh.7,000 a day, the bulk of which, he added, was used on fuel.

Thee Pluto, popular for his infamous YouTube show eponymously named Thee Pluto Show, has now revealed a few details about the staggering amount of monies he moves around monthly and weekly.

While on a Q and A session with his fans on Instagram stories, the YouTuber made some startling revelations when he claimed that he pays an excess of Ksh.100, 000 on monthly rent despite already owning a home.

Responding to a fan who asked, “Unakaa keja yako ama unarent?” Thee Pluto said; “I have a house but where I’m living now narent. Due to many CBD operations na kusave on fuel too.”

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“How much do you pay for your house rent?” Posed another fan, to which the popular YouTuber said: “100,000+”

And as for “How much do you spend a day?” Pluto replied: “I’m not a spendthrift. Maybe 7K a day. Of which 3K to 5K ni fuel san asana.”

thee pluto
{Photo Courtesy: Thee Pluto}

Thee Pluto gained national notoriety from his loyalty tests on YouTube where he attempts to test the level of faithfulness in everyday couples in a cheeky stunt he dubs, “sanitize”.

Thee Pluto, a former Kikuyu gospel singer, is presently in a relationship with fellow content creator Felicity Shiru, whom he denies living with.

The Instagram sensation is also a father of one with his college girlfriend whose name and face he hesitates to share with the public.

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His financial expenses revelations were however met with derision and smugness from the public with many dismissing the claims as pure hot air.

The 22-year-old recently moved to an apartment in Nairobi’s upscale Kilimani neighborhood from his Juja house.

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