Nana Owiti, King Kaka’s Wife Shares Remarkable Photos After Terrific Weight Loss. Photos

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Nana Owiti has so always openly talked about her struggles with weight loss. But step by step, she has made tremendous efforts and progress in this journey.

She took to her social media pages to share some of the most beautiful photos of her new look, and netizens are getting inspired.

Like most women out there, Nana’s struggles with weight loss began after she had her first baby, whom they named Gweth Ombima.

{Photo Courtesy: Before and after photo of Nana }

It even became more difficult after she gave birth to her second-born child.

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But as we know, nothing is permanent; she set out to lose the excess weight, and the below photos reflect her success.


[Photo Courtesy: Nana}
[Photo Courtesy: Nana Owiti}
[Photo Courtesy: Nana Owiti}
[Photo Courtesy: Nana Owiti}

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 Nana Owiti
[Photo Courtesy: Nana Owiti}

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