2Mbili Offers To Sell His Kidney For 200M.

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Call it madness if you so wish, but for the Kenyan comedian 2mbili, the scarifies is worth taking, selling my kidney to support a course I so much TRUST.

{Video Courtesy: Kiss 100, Kamene and 2Mbili}

The comedian has offered to sell one of his kidneys to help facilitate Jalang’o’s political campaign for the Langata Member of Parliament seat.

2Mbili made these comments on the morning Kiss show where he was the guest host. To battle for who will replace Jalang’o is getting more challenging by the day.

Several guest speakers have been invited to co-host with Kamene Goro, to try and find a suitable replacement for the man who is now eyeing the Langata MP seat and believes he will win.

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Jalang’o has in the past said, “I never goes for things I cannot get.”

2Mbili narrated that several people had already contacted him with good and bad offers, from 10k to 100M and 200M

The breakdown is as follows, “I had put up my kidney for 1 billion because it is clean. It has not been destroyed by alcohol. The first person who approached me had a 100 million. She was from Egypt.”

“Another client offered 10K, nlimwambia aende awekwe tatoo ya kidney. I had to lower the price to 800M because time was passing and Jalan’g’o was almost going into his campaigns,” he added.

“A woman from Pakistan approached me with a 200 Million offer. They had not sent the deposit to facilitate the surgery to remove the kidney. 

I sold it for 200 Million. I still do not know how people can go broke, yet they have 2 body parts. Naskia hata nostrills huuzwa?” 

All this takes us back to who do you think will fit in Jalang’o’s shoes?

{Photo Courtesy: Kiss 100}

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