Fans of Vinnie Baite’s Have Accused Eric Omondi Of Stealing Content.

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The President of comedy Africa has found himself on the wrong side of the public as he was accused of stealing Vinnie Baite’s content.

How many people agree with claims that Eric Omondi stole some line from Vinnie Baite’s clips? Eric has built his name as one of the best brands in Kenya and across the borders.

Someone would say that the upcoming comedians are actually borrowing from the likes of Eric Omondi, Jalang’o, Otoyo and many more.

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Vinnie Baite had created a previous video that included a crowd chewing Miraa and making fun of it and Eric Omondi did the same video while in Mombasa

Several celebs have reacted to these allegations. Comedian YY replied to the Nairobi gossip club saying that just because you cracked the jock and people laughed doesn’t make you the creator.

“Just because you first saw something from from someone doesn’t make them the creator..wewe ndio uiona late…Content ya Jaba ilianza kupigwa kitambo ata Mamito amepiga kadhaa ata Jasper…so mtu akivaa viatu kwa clip wengine watembee mguu tupu juu viatu imevaliwa already😂….wakenya na kugonganisha watu😂😂,” YY said.

On his part, Eric Omondi had this to say, “Sasa mumeamua hapa Nairobi hatuezi tumia Mirra Kwa Clips, Yaani Mirra iko na wenyewe…weeh. Haya sasa si M-trademark mpaka Njugu na Big G zikue zenyu zote🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

What is your take on this?

On the other hand, Sauti Sol’s Bien posted, ” Mwizi wa simu and content”

{Photo Courtesy: Bien/Nairobi Gossip Clup}

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