Purpose To Maintain A Positive Mindset In 2022.

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A positive mindset is all it takes. How you react to every situation, whether good or bad, is a matter of choice, and choices have consequences.

Someone said, “And we have complete control over our own attitude. We are the ones who decide how we feel, how we look at things, and how we react.” 

Your attitude and how you react to life’s challenges will determine your level of success or failure. 

Note that success and failure are not permanent until your mind chooses what it believes to be true.

You can be successful today and end up as a failure tomorrow. It could also look as if nothing is working in your life today, but you end up a very successful person the next day. 

How you react to success or failure is a matter of choice, and choices matter in life.

Do not spend too much time celebrating your success, and neither should you be overly shadowed by worries over setbacks. Decide to remain positive and be committed to becoming a better version of yourself every day.

Zig Ziglar stated, “Are you going to work tomorrow because that is what you did yesterday, if that is the reason you are going tomorrow, you won’t be as good tomorrow as were yesterday because you are two days older, and not closer to the goal you do not have.”

If you react to situations as you did in the previous year, you should not expect any growth from the current year.

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Life is a matter of choices and how you handle the pitfalls along the bumpy road determines the results we get from life.

The book “The day I walked to work”, which I am still working on, reveals the profound truth that will enable you to intentionally maintain a positive mindset no matter what life may throw into your way. You will begin to see life from a different viewpoint.

It would be best to get started if you desire to be successful, and the book “The Day I Walked to Work” is specifically designed to get you started. 

When the book “The Day I Walked to Work” is out, I request that you read it more than once if you desire to unfold the profound truth that lies within its pages. 

People have so much potential and knowledge but use almost none of it, which could be why so many people are not living their desired lives. 

I decided to write the book “The Day I walked To Work” to help you increase your level of productivity and success in every area of your life by ensuring that you maintain a positive mindset.

Everything starts within the mind. A positive life starts with a positive mindset. 

And with the same measure, a negative life, a life of worry and regrets, starts with a negative mindset.

When complete, it will awaken the sleeping giant within you, help you open a whole new page in your life, and hand you a pen so you can write whatever you want.

The book is tailor-made to enlighten you on what to work with what you have, and finally, educate you on how to accept a NO without necessarily developing a failure kind of attitude.

You must have heard someone say, “I am not good enough,” because someone told them to their face, NO. 

We will change that from today; a NO does not necessarily mean that you have failed or that you are not good enough.  A positive mindset is all you need.

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I am not saying that your life will be a YES and easy sailing for you. The fact is, if you receive many YESES, it would be good to check yourself. Maybe you are in the wrong career or business or are surrounded by people who don’t challenge you or your decisions.

To grow, you will most likely have to accept as many NOs as you possibly can. What I am selling to you is that what you do with the NOs you receive matters in life.

Develop a positive mindset TODAY.

We all need reminders, and that is why when you go to bed tonight, you will set the alarm clock.

Therefore, you must purpose to maintain a positive mindset at all times. An alarm will act as an alarm clock, set to give your life direction. 

It will wake you up when you start to fall asleep, get you started, and keep you moving when you feel like quitting.

You do not achieve your best with the mindset “let me try it,” you perform your best because you take action to get things done even when they seem impossible. 

I say this because the “let me try” kind of mindset gives you an option to accept temporary defeat, while the “let me do it” mindset reduces the gap between mere attempts and successes. 

Apostle Paul wrote, “I fought the battle of life to win.” What Apostle Paul was telling us is that every battle can be won if we set our minds to win.

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“The Day I Walked to Work” emphasizes and focuses on winning the game of life by simply enabling you to maintain a positive mindset. You win it first in your mind before winning it in reality. 

Zig Ziglar said, “I recognize that winning is not everything, but the effort to win is.” Zig is teaching us to put in the work, to think like a winner.

The first effort to win any game is through the mind. People are too lazy to think and go through life without direction. They have accepted the results even before the game starts.

The book “The Day I walked to work” also emphasizes ensuring your energy on what you are best at. 

If you do well in your mind, you will do better on the outside; your belief system will position you to achieve so much more than you could only imagine.

So many people “walk to work” go through life without any goals or objectives, and because of that, they end up walking longer than they should have. 

For example, if you blindfolded a super striker from your local league, would you still expect him to score? 

Well, I say NO because he will not be able to see the ball not to talk about the goal post. No matter how good he is, he will not score. 

The same scenario can be applied in the game of life. You will never get to the scoreboard if you don’t set goals and learn to maintain a positive mindset.

The book “The Day I walked To Work,” is designed to enable you to score quality goals.

This book results from hard work and dedication; a lot of research has been put into it.

It has been written through research that has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the decision to “walk to work” or the direct opposite lies within the minds of each individual.

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