What did Blogger Edgar Obare do this time around? Instagram Suspended His BNN Account.

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Edgar Obare took to his official Twitter handle @Edgar Obare to disclose that his Instagram account operating under the name bnnke @bnnke had been suspended under unclear circumstances by Instagram Management.

He has sworn to fight the decision and get his account back.

Edgar wrote, “Good morning, so instagram today decided to disable my account bnnke on Instagram. We are working to figure out what to do next, as we appeal this decision with Instagram. See you soon.”

It is not the first time this kind of thing is happening to the blogger. In August of last year, Obare lost his official Instagram account that was operating under his name ‘Edgar Obare’.

Edgar Obare
{Photo/Courtesy.Blogger Edgar Obare}

He had brushed several people the wrong way ‘Wash Wash’ expose, which put him on the spot.

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The said account had close to half a million followers.

According to Edgar, it is not fair to him the rate at which his social media accounts are being deactivated, insisting that there are powerful individuals behind it.

We believe he will release an official statement concerning the matter.

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