VIDEO: Eric Omondi and Bien Fight At Konshens Concert.

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Eric Omondi Posted, “It MATTERS who PERFOMS last everyone was in Agreement apart from Akili bila Nywele🙄🙄🙄🙄. ALUTA CONTINUA!!! The JOURNEY has just BEGAN.”

An almost ugly confrontation went down at the entrance of Carnivore grounds when Eric Omondi came face to face with Sauti Sols Biel.

Eric has been a thorn on Bien’s A… and it seems to me like the musician was tied of Eric’s constant critic of his music.

Eric has insisted that NO Kenyan artist will curtain rise for any international artist, something that has not been received well by a section of Kenyan musicians.

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Interestingly, Bien, who was one of the curtain raisers, called out Eric for causing unnecessary drama by insisting Kenyan artists should perform last at Konshens concert.

{Photo Courtesy: Sauti Sol’s Bien}

Bien posted, “You have been making reckless comments on blogs, I dare you to repeat the same things now. You keep saying Kenyan artiste should perform last. How does that matter if you are getting paid? I have been paid a lot of money to be here.”

Bien has insisted that it did not matter who performed last, as long as all artists were paid their dues.

On his part, Eric Omondi has explained that he intends to draw a guideline for the next generation of artists.

Bien posted, “Fight for yourself because your career is on the death bed. Stop these things you are doing….”

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Eric Omondi
{photo Courtesy: Comedian Eric Omodi}

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