Diana B is Expensive to Maintain-Find Out Why Bahati Now Cries.

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Singer Bahati has come out to defend his wife, Diana B amid all the heat surrounding her past and new music career, which has also threatened their marriage.

Bahati has vowed never to break up with his wife merely because of the rumors being peddled around.

It all started when Bahati’s wife Diana Marua posted a video accusing Willy Paul of attempted rape on her Instagram page.

Diana B
{Photo Courtesy: Diana B}

In a video that has since gone viral on social media, Singer Bahati has maintained that he will stay committed to his marriage and has termed those who expected him to divorce his wife as “haters.”

Bahati said, “I want to state that I am not sorry to every hater outside there. Do you want me to say sorry because we did not break up with my wife? Are you crazy? Get a life…you wanted us to break up then.”

{Photo Courtesy: Bahati and Wife Diana B}

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Bahati further confessed that even if she divorced Diana, none of the men shouting outside there would be able to maintain her. He said Diana is too expensive to maintain.

As most artists have always done, he hit out at those claiming they did it intentionally for clout.

Bahati’s Instagram post read, “If I give you this girl, will you maintain her? Do you know how expensive she is? Please get a life…they are saying we did all that for trends…you break up with your wife we see if you trend.”

About the rape allegations, Willy Paul has maintained that he is innocent, urging Diana B to tell her husband the truth instead of shading crocodile tears of Social media.

The statement, “the true accounts of events during their encounter on that fateful day,” indicates that something happened, something that we may never know.

The whole saga is said to have costs Willy Paul loses estimated at around 90million.

{Photo Courtesy: Bahati and Wife Diana B}

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{Photo Courtesy: Bahati and Wife Diana B}

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