Seduce Men in 2022; Musician Nyota Ndogo Advises Single Women.

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Musician Nyota Ndogo has told women to stop waiting for the ‘Mr Right,’ maintaining that some women have waited long enough without success.

She insists that it was time women went in search of the ‘Mr Right’ and brought him home, seduce him if you must.

 “Waanume wapo lakini wanawaogopa. Ingieni inbox mrushe mistari. Sijasema mko na shida ya wanaume. Tafuta ubavu Wako wa pili,” she explained.

Nyota Ndogo
{Musician Nyota. Photo Courtesy}

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 According to the musician, it is okay to inbox a man, tell him you love him, and would want to get married to him.

Nyota Ndogo said, “Single ladies, mtaingia inbox?”

She has told women to start the conversation, insisting that there is nothing wrong with that.

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{Musician Nyota. Photo Courtesy}

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