Enda Sportswear CEO Navalayo Osembo, Among Winners of Ksh 169M Jack Ma Competition.

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From London School of Economics to Kenya’s top CEO, Congratulations to the Enda Sportswear CEO Navalayo Osembo for emerging third place as one of the most prestigious start-ups in Africa.

The competition, sponsored by the Chinese tycoon Jack Ma, aims to support the next generation of African entrepreneurs. 

As the Chinese say, “A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.”

Start-ups have their challenges, and sometimes pushing your product or building trust could be just some of them.

We often see the glory and forget to ask this one important question. 

{Kenyan Athletes Training Using Footwear Made by Enda Sportswear: Photo Courtesy}

How did she do it? 

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Enda Sportswear CEO Navalayo Osembo. And What Being Among Winners of Ksh169M Mean To Her Company.

She needed money, and to raise the amount, she searched for a partner, someone who understood her dream and passion. 

Enda Sportswear CEO and her partner and co-founder managed to raise Ksh12.9 Million ($120,000), and they were set to start production.

Enda Sportswear is a Kenyan company that makes world-class running shoes. 

An exciting experience ignited the company’s founder, Osembo, to start the company. 

During her childhood, she witnessed athletes training without quality track shoes.

While giving her appreciation remarks, she pointed out that the competition has opened doors for growth and new networks across the globe.

{When Famous Ghanian YouTuber Visited Kenya, He had an opportunity to Speak with Enda Sportwear CEO Navalayo Osembo: Photo Courtesy}

She said, “The recognition as part of the top 3 African Business Heroes finalists validates the brand’s growth and impact.”

The Ksh169 million will be divided among Enda Sportswear CEO and the other ten finalists as grand from the competition.

“The competition has opened new networks for Enda that will help in establishing a robust supply chain in China and Africa, including capacity building of local factory staff,” she added.

Enda Sportwear has helped spur economic growth and has created job opportunities for many families.

Enda Sportswear
{Made in Kenya. Enda Sportwear: Photo Courtesy}

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{Athletes Training Using Enda Sportwear: Photo Courtesy}

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