Sabina Chege: “I am No Longer Afraid To Be Associated With Raila Odinga.”

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Muranga Women Representative Sabina Chege has made some strong and bold pronunciation on ODM Raila Odinga’s 2022 presidential bid in what has been classified as an added advantage to the ODM Chief. 

Raila Odinga has continued to win the hearts of many leaders from Mount Kenya; something that looked so impossible has become possible.

Raila has previously admitted that climbing the mountain has not been easy, saying, “If it were smooth, then it would have been impossible to climb.”

The hurdles and difficulties I have faced on my way up the mountain, has made all things possible.

{Muranga Women Rep Hon Sabina Chege: Photo Courtesy}

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She told that “Raila was previously sold to us leaders and to the people of Mount Kenya as a bad person.”

It is the direct opposite to her discovery, as she has found out that all that wasn’t true.

She said that Raila is a friendly person and a good family man who cares about Kenya’s people and the future.

Sabina Chege said, “I will support and campaign for Raila Odinga even if it means losing my seat.”

“It will be a risk from my side, but I have a responsibility to talk to my people, and to convince my people,” she added.

Chege has said that the people of Mount Kenya are ready to support Raila Odinga.

Chege’s statement is like to stir a conversation in the region known for its support for DP Ruto.

Sabina also mentioned that UDA was just a rebranded URP.

On the other hand, other leaders from the region are still pushing and popularizing DP Ruto.

{The handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga: Photo Courtesy}

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Sabina Chege
{Sabina Chege: Photo Courtesy}

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