Weezdom, “Diana Marua and Willy Paul Went On Several Dates.” He Threatened To Reveal More.

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Weezdom has trashed Diana Marua’s allegations on Willy Paul, threatening to tell the truth. Singer Willy Paul and Diana Marua have been trending for the past two days. Drama!!!!

The reason, Diana B took to social media with some shocking allegations, accusing willy paul of rape.

Rape is a serious offense that could hand someone years in jail.

After being accused a few months ago by Miss P of attempted rape, Willy Paul is currently in court for the same reasons.

{Weezdom, Willy Paul and Bahati: Photo Courtesy}

Clout chasing is starting to the music careers of Willy Paul and Diana B.

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One thing led to another; what started as a simple diss song from Willy Paul has now birthed rape allegations from Diana Marua.

At the start of their careers, Pozze and Diana B’s husband, singer Bahati, were best friends.

The two musicians were inseparable; they hung out together and even lived under one roof at some point.

The two, Pozze and Bahati, started as gospel artists but later shifted to secular, were also friends with another musician, Weezdom.

How did Weezdom’s name get dragged into the whole saga between Pozze and D?

We found the answer to the question in Pozze’s Instagram video post, where he publicly denied the rape allegations.

He further stated that he would call Weezdom as his number witness.

The big question is, what does he know? And can he help sort out the mess that both Pozze and Diana B have left behind?

{Diana B and Husband Bahati: Photo Courtesy}

It is up to Weezdom to decide.

On the other hand, Willy Paul has said that Weezdom was aware of his conversations with Diana Marua.

The pressure is mounting on Weezdom as fans demand to know what happened between Diana and Pozze.

Speaking on Radio Maisha, Weezdom made a shocking revelation about Diana and Willy Paul.

He said, “Diana and Willy Paul went on several dates, and the seem to enjoy each other’s company.”

This has brought a twist to the whole saga.

Weezdom declined to give more information and instead said that he would try and see the matter settled privately.

Weezdom has warned of serious consequences if the two fail to make up.

Weezdom said,” I will be forced to reveal the truth of what actually transpired.”

Well, Diana wouldn’t want this? It could also tarnish her image and ruin her two-week-old music career.

“Bahati na Willy Paul are True Brothers and both are my friends we’ll try to see if we can settle this privately through Friends and Family,” he said.

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{Weezdom: Photo Courtesy}

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