DETAILS: Willy Paul Will Recover From Latest Rape Allegation?

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Celebrated Kenyan artist willy Paul has been slapped on his face with another rape allegation, even before the conclusion of the first rape case, which is still in court.

 These accusations have come as shock to many Kenyans, as it is the second time this year that Willy Paul has been accused of sexual impropriety.

 Willy Paul and Diana Marua, aka Diana B, have been fighting on social media over who is better than the other.

Willy Paul:
{Pozze: Photo Courtesy}

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 But the fight took a twist when Diana posted a video on Instagram alleging that Willy Paul had attempted to rape her.

 Diana could be seen shading tears in the video as she narrated her experience.

 Since yesterday, Willy Paul and Diana Marua have been the talk of the town; it looks like Diana’s accusations on her social media page are hitting hard on Pozze’s music career.

 Willy has come out to trash the allegations, saying Diana had seen an opportunity to accuse him of sexual offenses because of a similar case that still counts.

 Pozzi said he wouldn’t go to court for the same reason twice in one year but insisted on taking his chances if need be.

 Some people have come out to say that Pozze may not recover from this. Well, I say he will recover and even become more famous.

 It may take some time, months, or even a few years, because the damage on his image may stick for a while.

 And even if he proves his innocence with the first case, the damage, smear, and smell of being accused of such a serious crime may take some time to fade away.

{Willy Paul:Photo Courtesy}

 But it will go away; Kenyans forget so fast.

 Yes. Rape accusations can damage one’s image and reputation. But nothing lasts forever, @WillyPaulMusic this will end.

 The question is, what can he do anything to save what is left of his already damaged?

 The answer is simple, let him ignore Diana B like she said nothing. Because to some people, Diana is chasing clout.

 Willy Paul should stay away from clout-chasing and focus on his music career.

 He should not mention Diana B in any of his songs because that would trigger a conversation that could further hurt his career.

 Pozze could also consider hiring a public relations team; he can afford it anyway.

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{Willy Paul:Photo Courtesy}

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