Comedian Mulamwah Flaunts Dollars. He Says He Doesn’t Know What To Spend It On. VIDEO.

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Celebrated comedian Mulamwah is a worried man, but it is for a good reason; he doesn’t know exactly how to spend his cash.

The comedian was seen on social media flaunting bundles of cash in dollars and Euros days after he announced a break-Up with baby mama Sonnie.

Mulamwah says he will use the money to wipe his tears after he parted ways with his baby mama Carol Sonnie, something that he says has left him heartbroken. 

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In an Instagram video shared by Media Personality Chris the Bass, Mulamwah said he would use the money to wipe his tears after the heartbreak. 

Kenyans online criticized Mulamwah, saying that the comedian chasing clout, but he has come out strongly to say that he is not after clout chasing.

Mulamwah said, “When I carry Kenyan money it is bulky…i have to change, if they become too much I opt for Euros. I don’t know how to spend this one…if I get someone to lean on…people should give me space.” 

{Mulamwah and Sonnie: Photo Courtesy}

On the other hand, his baby mama has revealed that she has no intention of moving on after the break-up. 

Sonnie noted that she tried hard to save the relationship in her recent interview.

Sannie said, “I tried but it seems it couldn’t work, I did what I could but haikuwezekana. I asked him for forgiveness… he said it was Ok then all over a sudden he changed his mind. I tried my part. The baby is mine, I will cater for her. Not moving on anytime soon, I am focusing on myself and the baby.”

{Carol Sonnie: Photo Courtesy}

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{Mulamwah: Photo Courtesy}

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