Sauti Sol’s Chimano Finally Releases A Hit Solo Dubbed ‘Friday Feeling’

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Chimano, is the third member of the band to release a single after Sauti Sol, Kenya and Africa’s best band, decided to go solo with their music careers.

Though the group is still intact as it were, I mean, according to its members, they are currently doing solo single hits, with Chimano being the third artist from the group to release a single.

It started with Bien, then it went Polycarp and now Chimano. Kenyans are waiting for the band’s fourth member to release a single.

“Friday Feeling,” which premiered on Friday on YouTube, is Chimano’s debut solo single.”

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In a statement, Chimano said, “It’s the first time I am putting my creativity to the test by myself, and I am serving realness as we all should.”

According to Chimano, the song dubbed “Friday Feeling” is all about going out and having a good time with friends and embracing the feeling brought about by freedom.

There is so much to the video, the dress code and the dancing style. Be the Judge. 

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Part of the video shows members of the Sauti Sol band lifting Chimano past their shoulders as a show of support and just being part of his success.

“Going out and having fun shouldn’t be an uphill task because you immediately start thinking of the inhibitions that may affect you. ‘Friday Feeling’ is about embracing your body, your outfit, your crew and your hard-earned money,” he said.

“This song is about having a good time and, in my case, a good ass queer time. It’s a feeling of freedom. Do you, be extra, be alive and free! That’s Friday Feeling!” he added.

The hit song is said to have been produced by DTX, co-written by Chimano, Don Ngatia and Bensoul.

He further stated that he needed to be himself and not pretend to be what society always wants him and others to be like.

He said, “I needed to be myself fully because of my found conviction, and I needed to have the courage to be that for others, to inspire them to see that they can also be themselves.” 

So much effort was put into the song to ensure its success, for both audio and video, and part of that was the desire to embrace the culture which was in existence during the ’80s.

He noted, “The 80s were an era where fashion, culture and music meant a lot to me, and the sounds of that era have a lot to do with my inspirations.” 

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