KOT React To Dennis Itumbi’s Twitter Post. “Kenya Power. Raila. Kalonzo. Power.”

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Dennis Itumbi has shared his reactions to the newly appointed Kenya Power Management team, terming it a Raila, Kalonzo power.

“Kenya Power. Raila. Kalonzo. Power. Congratulations!” Dennis Itumbi.

The Board of Directors resolved to suspend the previous team for 60 days to pave the way for various forensic audits and review the supply chain functions.

This is a bit scary for most staff, as it comes when they have been ordered to submit all their financial records for vetting. 

Dennis Itumbi
{Dennis Itumbi: Photo Courtesy}

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The new appointments have created panic within the organization.

All staff, including their spouses, have been asked to submit their six-month financial records.

Some of the records to be submitted to the HR office include.

 Property owned, business/companies, bank statement, M Pesa statement Tax records for fresh vetting.

 This is part of the lifestyle audit, which aims to curb corruption at Kenya Power.

Kenyan raised complaints about the increasing electricity prices, which has led to an increase in the cost of production in various sectors.

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{Dennis Itumbi and Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua: Photo Courtesy}

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