Eric Omondi’s “PLAY 75% LOCAL CONTENT” Bill, To Be Tabled in Parliament by MPs Babu Owino and Jaguar.

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SelfProclaimed President of Comedy Africa Eric Omondi’s has finally presented the Bill championing for 75% of local music to be played on local TV and Radio stations.

The Bill, which is set to be tabled in parliament on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, will redefine the Kenyan music industry for generations to come if it is passed by parliament.

{MPs Babu Owino, Charles Jaguar and Comedian Eric:Photo Courtesy}

According to Eric Omondi’s Instagram post, “tomorrow!!! The Bill will pass with Flying colors because no MP in their right mind would refuse to vote for a bill that promotes and Supports their own Children.”

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“Today was a very HISTORIC Day for Kenyan ART. The Ripple effect will be felt in years to Come, The Fruits will be harvested very soon. It may look insignificant now but soon our Artists will begin to reap the benefits. OUR LOST GLORY will soon RE SURFACE and our MUSIC will be CELEBRATED WORLDWIDE,” he added.

Another of his Instagram post read, “23RD NOVEMBER!!! REMEMBER THIS DATE!!! The Lives and Livelihoods of an Entire Generation and those to Come will never be the Same Again!!! PLAY 75% will be Tabled in PARLIAMENT and WILL PASS with FLYING COLOURS!!! Thank you”

{Photo Courtesy}

Thank you MHESH @he.babuowino @jaguarkenya TUNAWAAMINIA sanaa hii itapita asubui.

Eric Omondi has been vocal about the Kenyan music industry, and he finally formalized a bill to be tabled in parliament. 

Eric wants Kenyan musicians to be treated with respect, the same way artists from other countries are treated in Kenya.

If the Bill is passed by parliament, all local stations will have no option but to play 75% of Kenyan content.

Eric Omondi
{Eric Omondi: Photo Courtesy}

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