Vera Sidika Says, “I Can Still Breastfeed Despite Undergoing Breast Surgery.”

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Vera Sidika decided that she would undergo breast surgery to make her breasts look bigger and fuller.

Someone would wonder why she had to do a breast implant knowing very well that she would be a mother and be required to breastfeed her child.

{Vera Sidika with her daughter left the hospital in a Limousine.}

Vera did not take any chances, and she picked an implant option that would allow her to breastfeed.

 Vera blasts haters, “Wale wa; what will her baby feed on since she got her boob surgery done. She can’t breastfeed Blah! Blah!”

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All along, her fans thought that she was not interested in having kids; she has proven many people wrong as she said her breast milk is very healthy and nutritious.

{Vera and husband Brown: POhoto Courtesy}

 “You have seen some very healthy nutritious milk coming out of my boobs. I hope you all; learned something. So yes, I had breast surgery, and I can healthily breastfeed,” said added.

 Vera confirmed that she would do another surgery after having enough children to ensure her boobs remain fuller and rounder.

 She said, “In fact, after having more kids, I’m going for another boob surgery. I need my boobs rounder and fuller once I’m done having kids.”

{Photo Courtesy}

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