Eric Omondi’s Instagram Post Attracted Comments From Fellow Celebrities. READ

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Eric Omondi said in part, “WE USED PROTECTION!!! After two Months Jacque tells me she’s pregnant!!! I immediately ask her how since we used Protection???”

{Eric and Jacque: Photo Courtesy}

She then tells me “It doesn’t matter the mother always knows who the Father is and that I am the Father!!!” He added.

YY comedian said, Sam ogina alikuwa ata hajiskii kupika leo akanunua mala na ugali ndio aazishe squid game then boom.”

Classic FM presenter Maina Kageni wrote, “Aki Social Media wewe!”

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Mca Tricky’s take, “DNA akuje alee mtoi mapema very fast😂”

Terence Creative also had something to say, “Erick nimwaye nisimwaye ?😂😂😂😂social media wewe!!!!!!”

Christine Wawira, had this to say,You have every right to request a DNA test and she should comply if she wants you to support the child.”

Daddy Owen was able to remember their discussion from years back, “Wah I remember this discussion we had many years ago …😢😢😢 u guys are both my friends.. wah.. sasa hii wah.”

Oga Obinna called it a draw, “😢🙆🏿 Half time 1:1”

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{Eric and Jacque: Photo Courtesy}

We will keep you up to date with the latest from Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe.


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