Akothee Has Advised Eric Omondi To Take Care Of His Son With Jacque Maribe.

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Celebrated East African finest female artist Esther Akothe, aka Akothee, has told Eric Omondi to take care of his son with Jacque Maribe.

Do you agree with Akothee’s statement that Women/Mothers decide who father’s their children?

 AKothee Wrote wrote, “👉Eric wachana Na DNA , us women / mothers decides who father’s our children hata kama Sio Yako ,tumekuchagua ,wewe lea tu mtoto ni wetu sote.”

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“Have the two of you ever visited a children’s court?” Akothee Asked.

 She followed it with another question, “Do you guys have an idea of what it entails making endless trips to a children’s court?

“I didn’t have to go to DNA for my 3 kids Vesha Rue and fancy, They all resemble their FATHER. Trust me Hadi leo, jamaa hata haeliwi watoto wake wanakula nini ,wanaishi vipi.”

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Jacque Maribe also got a test of Akothee’s, advise, “Jacky wewe pia chukuwa majukumu kama mzazi ,ignore Eric Omondi and take charge of your child’s life ,you will have peace , huyu jamaa atakutoa Figo ukose pumzi ya kutafuta ,I am speaking to you as a single mother of 5 children.”

“I got peace when I stopped chasing baby daddies , mummy Roho yangu ilikuwa inatembea nje kama mchawi ,usiku silali ,mchana Sina nguvu,” she added.

 Speaking to Jacque, Akothee also said, “Ona Sasa hii mbio inatupeleka DNA Tunasumbua mtoto na na useless trips.”

 She ended her long Instagram post with a question, Have you met a mean lawyer who has no feelings for the child nor whatever?

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We will keep you up to date with the latest from the president of single mothers, Akothee.


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