Stop Counting On Others For Everything. Lessons From The “Day I Walked To Work”

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Stop counting on others for everything if you don’t want to be disappointed. What am l trying to say? Learn to do things. Make decisions. Make your own rules, and live by them. 

Sometimes we count on others for support so much that we fail to do even the simplest of tasks. And so, when we don’t get the usual support, we quit.

So often, we’ve seen people throw in the towel even without throwing their first punch.

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We fail, not because we do not know what to do, but because we know what to do but do it not. We want someone else to do it for us, we can’t stop counting on others.

To get you out of this cage, I have outlined four points on how to grow from being dependent to being independent.

  1. Everything that you are looking for is inside of you.

Why do I say this? So often, we focus our attention and energies on the outside world that we forget the power that lies within us.

The power that says, “I can do all things through Christ strengthens me.”

Looking so much on the outside leads to more complaints rather than offering solutions. 

When these complaints find their way into the core of our understanding and get into our subconscious minds, they begin to destroy every fiber that carries with it the power for extraordinary accomplishments. 

Do not destroy the power within because your outer world is dependent on your inner world.

Someone put it like this, “Your mind does not know the difference between good or bad, hard or easy, rich or poor, strong or weak.”

2. Think for yourself.

Thinking for yourself does not mean that you stop listening to other people’s opinions or ideas. Rather it gives you the power to make your own choices.

Thinking for yourself creates an atmosphere of creativity. You can pass powerful energy-producing through your mind.

You cannot give away your power of thought to someone else and expect to achieve your desired goals. 

Start thinking for yourself today, and do not shy away from getting help whenever you are stuck.

The idea is not to stop counting on others opinion or thoughts, the idea is to help you build a brain capacity that will allow you to think and make great judgements.

 3. Increase the amount you put in.

Let me be clear on this, if you want to increase the amounts you get out, you must increase the effort and time you put into every business.

Increase the amount of time and effort you put in, plan adequately, improve your way of thinking, guard your attitude of thought, and lastly, you must be realistic. 

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Focus on doing your best rather than being the best. Why do I say this? Because every one of us has the potential to better our very best, to break our records.

4. Take responsibility.

Do not blame others for every small or big challenge you come across. And by the way, they may not even know what is going on in your life.

The number one obstacle that has pulled so many people back, is the habit of BLAMING others. 

Humans have developed the habit of blaming others even when the person being blamed is no longer alive.

The Bible teaches us to forget those things that are behind us.

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Stop counting on others for everything, feel free to make your own list.

We can stop counting on others and still learn from them.


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