Mandera Governor’s Residence Causes Mixed Reactions On Social media.

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Mandera governor Mr. Ibrahim Ali Roba is eating life with a big spoon while his people are wallowing in abject poverty.

Kenyans have raised questions on why the County Government of Madera had to incur such a massive cost while most residents have no access to clean water and food.

{The Governor’s Residence}

Mandera County is located in North-Eastern Kenya, and as we all know, the county of Mandera is one of the regions that face drought year in, year out.

{Mandera Governor Official Residence: Photo Courtesy}

It at times gets so bad that the national government has to declare a state of emergency.

This did not stop the governor from approving the construction of this palace on the outskirts of Mandera town.

Several people reacted to this, and one that caught our eye is one from Francis Kungu. He wrote, “People are starving! Let’s not worship leaders and forget citizens whom they should serve.”

Celebrated Journalist Oliver Mathenge wrote, “Devolution worked on buildings but couldn’t work on how to deal with drought and famine.”

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