Miguna Miguna: The 290 Nurses Who Failed The UK English Test, Were Picked From The Same Tribe.

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Kenyan Canadian-based WAKILI Miguna Miguna has made some serious allegations. He claims that the 300 nurses picked by the Health Cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe were half-backed.

The lawyer also said the criteria used in selecting the 300 nurses favored only those from one region.

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According to Miguna Miguna, the nurses sent to the United Kingdom were from a region with known linguistic challenges, which is why the majority failed miserably.

Miguna Miguna Twitter post read. 

” Health CS @mutahikagwe_cs took 300 ill-equipped nurses from one region with known LINGUISTIC CHALLENGES and had them do interviews they could not pass.”

Mr. Miguna Miguna did not mention which region the nurses were selected from but cautioned the Health Cabinet Secretary to stop tribalism and offer the same opportunity to all Kenyan nurses.

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A report released last week by Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe shows that only TEN nurses out of 300 passed the UK English test.

The public announcement by Kagwe on the nurses’ performance was not well released by The Kenya Union of Nurses, claiming it was an embarrassment on them. 

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The Union demanded an apology from the Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe, which they have yet to receive.

Miguna told the CS, “Open up the interviews for all nurses with the requisite qualifications. Tribalism is not a qualification for UK jobs.”

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