Maina Kageni: “Kids Used A Compass On Me To See If I Would Burst.”

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Maina Kageni has opened up on something he has kept secrete for the longest time. “I was a fat kid, and I was bullied growing up because of my that,” Maina confessed.

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Classic 105 radio said that most’ fat kids’ are exposed to bullying. 

The experience was so bad that other students would use a compass on him to see if he would burst like a balloon.

 “Be sensitive. I was a big kid, and used to prick me up using a compass to see if I would burst.

People take stress differently. Some take it as a joke, laugh about it and forget; others can take it a bit seriously.

Be kind and sensitive towards other people. Let’s learn to be comfortable in your own skin, and some are not.”

Maina Kageni

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On the other hand, his Co-host Mwalimu King’angi aka Churchill pointed out that some comments are made on a lighter note, and some people do not necessarily mean whatever they say.

Well, it is up to an individual to take it personally or not.

But as a young person who is still growing up, Maina Kageni had all the rights to feel the way he felt.

Mwalimu Keng’angi speaking during the morning show, advised people to accept themselves for who they are instead of always whining.

{Mwalimu Keng’angi: Photo Courtesy}

“I have been called darkness before, and I did not get mad. Don’t take everything personally. 

Mwalimu King’angi

The question is, at what stage of his life did people start calling him names?

“If someone calls you fat, just tell them God has blessed you with enough food. There are skinny people wakonde kama kiberiti how have they helped us?” Churchill added.

“If una tumbo kama ya Michelin tires go and look for a job at that company. If you have pimples go and find a job with a face cleansing company,” he advised.

Do you know how many times Kiwi Company and Eveready have looked for me for so many years to help them advertise them?” Mwalimu joked

Mwalimu King’angi

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