East Africa’s Got Talent Winners Say They Are Yet To Receive Prize Money 2 Years On.

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There is a lack of credibility when a great competition comes to an end, and the winners are announced but not rewarded accordingly. This is the cry of Esther and Ezekiel, the winners of East Africa’s Got Talent Season one (EAGT).

{EAGT 2019 Winners Esther and Ezekiel}

You ask yourself one question, who were the organizers of the EAGT competitions?

Why did they make these talented kids go through the competition if they were not ready? This is demoralizing for Esther and his brother Ezekiel.

The two took to their Facebook page in frustration, “It is you that did vote for us, we had lost hope, but by God’s grace, we won East Africa’s Got Talent competitions.

{EAGT Judges: Photo Courtesy}

Today we still haven’t received the winner, and it’s money; it’s unfortunate, two years of waiting.”

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“Hey beloved ones, we are beyond frustrated. We are writing this to seek speedy resolution to the delayed release of East Africa Got Talent $50,000 cash prize that was supposed to be given to us winners,” they added.

The two siblings came all the way from Uganda to Kenya for the completions, and they emerged victoriously, but they are yet to receive the prize money of Ksh.5Million for a competition that took place in 2019.

According to the two, their quest to get what is rightfully theirs has not yielded any success.

The two also said they had made several charity promises that they had not fulfilled due to the delayed payment.

No one from the talent show organizers has reached out to us about what could be the problem.

The two young artists said, “This is a serious concern to us as the funds are delayed, no one from East Africa’s Got Talent has reached out… as you recall, we promised to donate some of the money to different charities and wouldn’t want to make empty promises! Sorry, we had to shed some light on this.”

They also requested their fans not to get them wrong, insisting they enjoyed every bit of the competition.

 “Don’t get us wrong, it’s (sic) been such an amazing experience, very humbling, inspiring other young kids and all the amazing people we’ve met along the way.”

“While we appreciate the platform East Africa’s Got Talent gave us, it is their duty as well to fulfill the promises,” they added.

{EAGT Judges: Photo Courtesy}

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