Andrew Kibe Deconstructs Sauti Sol In Less Than 3 Minutes.

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Andrew Kibe is spitting fire, back to doing what he loves doing most, speaking his mind this time around; he is free to say it like it is on Instagram.

The straight talker has lit a fire in front of Sauti Sol’s doorstep, calling them out one after another.

The former Kiss FM presenter relocated to the United States, and it seems like it is working to his advantage.

Sauti Sol! Sauti Sol! Kibe Shouted at the top of his voice at the start of his Instagram Live.

Don’t expect Kibe to apologize because he doesn’t. Like or hate him, he does not care.

He started, “Fancy Fingers’ akaanza cooking show na wife. Starting cooking classes with a wife, “Let me show how I can cook.”

He got to Bien, described him as a strong man, who got extremely weak after he got married, “If my wife wants to go out and be with another man, I have to choose her happiness over mine, “Bien’s statement.

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Andrew Kibe made it clear to his viewers not to expect anything from the team they used to know because it is no more. Sauti Sol’s band ties got so weak after Bien and Fancy got married.

He said the band had gone international, only to break because of women.

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“Women started talking to their heads,” he added.

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According to Kibe, Sauti Sol is no more.

Rumors have it that they decided to part ways.

Surprisingly Andrew Kibe did not talk about the other two members of the band.

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