Revealed: Rue.Baby and MCA Tricky Are Dating, See Photos and Messages.

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On her Facebook page, Rue.Baby shared several photos with MCA Tricky in what seemed like the two were not yet ready to let the cat out of the bag.

In a statement that triggered an online reaction, she said, “Tricky means more to her but nobody would ever understand.”

{Rue.Baby and MCA Tricky: Photo Courtesy}

For those who may not have this information. Agrrey Dion Okello, a.k.a Rue.Baby is the second-born daughter of one of the most decorated female artists and entrepreneur Esther Akoth, a.k.a Akothee.

 Akothee’s daughter went on and on to excite section netizens when she added kind of an appropriation for Tricky, saying, “for always pushing her to be the best version of herself.”

{Akothee and her Duaghters: Photo Courtesy}

”I would say how much you mean to me but nobody would ever understand. You’re always pushing me to be the best version of myself. Thanks for the support MCA Tricky partner in crime” Rue.Baby posted.

Her posts were more than suggestive and were followed by a quick word of encouragement from MCA Tricky, telling her, “Hustle hard and make sure you don’t ever become broke, because if you do, most of your friends will abandon you.”

{Rue.Baby: Photo Courtesy}

”Let’s hustle babe, ukisota mabeshte watakutoka ushangae! Keep winning,” MCA Tricky responded.

We are not getting something. Below are more photos.

{Tricky and Rue.Baby during the past function}
{MCA Tricky and Rue during the past function}
{MCA Tricky and Rue during the past function}

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We will keep you up to date with the latest news from this exciting relationship. 


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