Wife Material Season 3 Contestant Insist on Leaving, Saying, “I Can’t Survive Without Sex.”

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“I can’t survive without SEX,” these were the words of Whitney, one of the participants in Eric Omondi’s ‘Wife Material Season 3.

Wife Material’s Season 3 contestants were welcomed to the house, and a set of rules read to them.

The rules left some of them so uncomfortable, with one of the contestants insisting on leaving even before the start of the real show.

{Eric Omondi and the Wife Material Season 3 Contestants}

Eddie Butita, the show’s director, read the rules to the participants of the ‘Wife Material Season 3, and one could see that the girls were not pleased.

Rule Number Two. NO SEX, NO ALCOHOL. This rule hit one of the contestants wrongly, identified as Whitney, who came out and said she quit.

{Whitney: Photo Courtesy}

As the rules were read, Whitney was at the time seeping wine could not keep up with this section of the house rules.

“I cannot survive without SEX,” Whitney says.

She emotionally requested that the microphone be taken out as she was ready to leave.

{Whitney of Wife Material Show}

If you can remember, Wife Material Season 2 got banned by the Kenya Film Classification board due to what former KFCB board chairperson Ezekiel Mutua termed as a promotion of pornography.

A section of Kenyans online had expressed their dissatisfaction over Eric Omondi’s conduct, saying he was a bad example to their children.

Commenting on the latest development, Eric Omondi said, “Rules are rules.”

To ensure the success of the Wife Material Show, Eric Omondi is ready to follow the house rule.

Eric’s comment has brought some positivity to the Wife Material Show, moments after he was seen kissing one of the contestants who opted to leave due to a fight over a choice room.

Eric shared the video on his Instagram page captioned.

{Eric Omondi: Photo Courtesy}

“So this one @ayen_monica1 wanted to leave the house last night because they had a fight over a room that has a balcony. I had to CALM her down.”

{Eric Omondi and Ayan:Photo Courtesy}

Wife Material Season 3 premiered yesterday, the 19th of October 2021, and the house has seen more drama within the same day.

We will follow the story of Whitney and if indeed she left the house or she if was convinced to stay.

Wife Material Season 3 is receiving views from all quarters, with every post from Eric Omondi receiving above 100k views and comments in just minutes.

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We will keep you up to date with the latest from “Wife Material Season 3.”


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