‘I am so angry’ Wahu Calls Out Wapi Pay After A Contradicting Statement on Ndichu Twins.

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Celebrated Musician Wahu is angry for the right reasons. The musician expressed her anger over a statement released by Wapi Pay management on twin brothers Eddie and Paul Ndichu after the two were caught on camera assaulting a woman.

{Wahu and the Ndichu Brother: Photo Courtesy}

In an Instagram post, the musician said that the statement by Wapi Pay contradicts the video footage that has been circulating on social media.

Wahu’s Post read,

“I’m so angry right now!!!!! it is evident that you’re oblivious of the contradictions in your statement! You insinuate that neither you or your co-founders EDDIE & PAUL NDICHU tolerate gender based violence…yet the footage indicates otherwise. “

{Wahu: Photo Courtesy}

“You also say your co-founders were neutralizing a fight…by slapping a Woman??? And vandalizing a car,” She added.

The mother of two demanded an apology from Wapi Pay, saying, “This is in no way an apology. This is a poor attempt to clear guilty, irresponsible and violent behavior.”

“Dear corporates and members of the public. We cannot in this day and age condone this kind of irresponsible entitled and disrespectful practices. May the law of Kenya prevail,” she added.

Her Post was followed by a comment from Vivianne K, who said, My sister, thank you for highlighting this. Indeed it is out of order to have this sort of physical trespassing.”

Below is the statement from Wapi Pay.

{Statement by Wapi Pay: Photo Courtesy}

“Respect for fellow humans is not optional. It is always okay to say NO and that must be respected no matter what. My heart goes out to the families and children of the two perpetrators. Indeed may healing and justice be achieved for all,” Vivianne added.

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