Guardian Angel’s ‘TUNAZIDI’ is The Trending At No. 1 on TikTok.

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‘Tunazidi’ by Guardian Angel has continued to draw the attention of many social media users, especially those from TikTok.
Last week we shared how Kenyans reacted to Angel’s Hit song ‘TUNAZIDI.’

We also told you that the song would be trending at the top 5, and already ‘TUNAZIDI’ is the trending sound on TIKTOK, and he can’t keep calm.

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The song, which explains the realities in our society, has pushed gospel music in Kenya a notch higher. Kenyans from all walks of life have continued to share their feeling about the song.

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Don’t be left out, do a dance video and share it with Guardian Angel. I believe he will share your video with his followers on his social media platforms.

{Tunazidi Trending Sound on TikTok}

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We will keep you up to date with the latest from Guardian Angels hit, ‘TUNAZIDI.’


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