Lillian Nganga Fires Back at People Claiming That She’s is Putting Juliani’s Life in Danger.

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Netizens now claim that Lillian Nganga has a hidden agenda and that she may be endangering the life of Juliani, something that she has fiercely trashed.

She has insisted on telling people to let them be, saying words like “Love and let love.”

The two love birds have continued to share photos of them enjoying a good time. Some of the comments from Lillian Nganga is giving Netizens sleepless night, with a section commenting that it will end in tears.

{Lillian Nganga and Juliani: Photo Credit}

On the other hand, Juliani has managed to keep a low profile.

Lillian Nganga is the former first lady and ex-wife of Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua. The two separated under unclear circumstances.

Immediately after they separated, suggestive photos emerged on social media, leaving many people wondering how she managed to move on so fast.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is among the people who have felt Lillian’s wrath for making sensitive comments.

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Sonko shared some photos of Lillian and Juliani and dropped a comment.

“Aki si poa, stop hurting Kavaluku just move on in peace, you are now endangering the life of msanii.” 

In her response, Lillian said,” “My main concern from Governor Mike Sonko’s post is WHY he would think I am endangering Juliani’s life.”

“The photos as shared yesterday by our friend Bonnie were not IN ANY WAY meant to hurt anybody,” she added.

Lillian Nganga has maintained that she decided to go public about her relationship with Juliani because she is serious about the relationship.

Another person who the two love birds have informed to consult them before posting photos online is activist Boniface Mwangi.

Boniface Mwangi has been at the center of social media rumors, constantly informing his followers about the two love birds.

“Life is short, don’t let religion or societal expectations make you stay in an unhappy relationship. Go where you are loved. If you have loved once, you can love and be loved again,” Boniface Mwangi wrote.

“I’m here to offend those men who behave like their partners are personal assets. Assets are dead things, they have no feelings or emotions. Partners have flesh and blood, they can move on and you can do nothing about it. Money doesn’t make a man, manners do,” he added.

It was becoming too much for Juliani, and for the first time, he told Boniface Mwangi to consider talking to them before going public with anything.

Juliani said, “Boniface Mwangi, you know I love you. I know you mean well but it would have been proper to inform us before posting the photos.”

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We will keep you up to date with the latest from the two love birds. But only after consultations. 


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