Ringtone Apoko Showing Off Cash At Daddy Owen’s Album Launch-Video

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Ringtone Apoko is one Kenyan musician who believes that he is the richest in the Kenyan music industry.

Kesho Yako hitmaker is known for flaunting his acquisitions and wealth on social media.

It is not the first time and probably not the last. Ringtone is known for showing pictures of his homes, shoes, clothes, watches, cars, and many others.

We have also seen pictures when he travels to other countries.

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But very little is known about the source of Ringtone’s wealth, with some saying that there is more to it than just a music-A story for another day.

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This is the 6th album by Daddy Owen and the first since his marriage ended last year.

Yote ni Vanity hit marker had confessed that he fell into depression after his marriage ended under unknown circumstances.

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We will keep you up to date with the latest news from Ringtone Apoko.


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