Eric Omondi Lights Up The Internet with Latest post From Lagos Nigeria.

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With less than four days to go, Eric Omondi decided to push the third edition of the Wife Material Show a notch higher by visiting the contestant in their home countries.

{Eric Omondi meeting with the wife material contestant}

On his Instagram page, Eric wrote, “Flew to Nigeria Lagos🇳🇬🇳🇬 Last night to go meet ALL my BEAUTIFUL Nigerian Contestants who sent Videos. I will be flying back with 3 of them. The ALL the GIRLS will land on MONDAY the 18TH and the SHOW PREMIERS on TUESDAY the 19TH!!! AFRICA WILL SHAKE!!!”

Eric Omondi

During his visit, Eric will have to choose three of the best contestants from each country and fly them to Nairobi.

Wife material season three will include contestants from Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Kenya.

{Eric Omondi; Photo Courtesy}

Eric’s visit to Nigeria to meet the contestant has lit up the internet. Many online users are left asking if he will visit all the five African countries to meet the ‘Wife Material Show contestants.’

The comedian, who now calls himself the most eligible bachelor in Africa, has confirmed when the wife material contestant will arrive in Nairobi and when the show will premier.

The ladies are all expected in Nairobi on the 18th of October.

Here are videos of some of the contestants.

{Video Courtesy}

Wife material season three has drawn people’s attention from different quarters, with many hoping it will be a different story this time around.

Eric will have to play by the rules set by the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB).

KFCB stopped the second season of the Wife Material Show for breach of the set guidelines.

Eric has promised the viewers that it will be different.

Netflix’s Eddie Butita will be the Wife Material Season Three director after Eric Omondi deposited 3.5 million as a down payment.

{Eric’s Karen Mansion}

Eric, who recently bought the internet to a standstill when he shared photos of his 141million mansion in Karen, has promised to have some episodes taken from his new Karen home.

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