Churchill has Confirmed That Struggling Mulleys’s Supermarket is Not Going The Tuskys Way.

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We will not deny it, times have been challenging, and business has been on a go-slow, but we are not going the Tuskys way, we have everything under control, Churchill told.

Rumors had already started to circulate on social media that Mulleys’s supermarket was facing financial challenges and was about to close down its outlets.

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The supermarket, through the management, has confirmed that they are not closing down just yet.

According to its management, they are working on a come-back strategy focusing on restocking their outlets.

Celebrated comedian and father of many successful comedians Daniel Ndabuki aka Churchill, spoke to the supermarket’s Management team and shared the details on his Facebook page.

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Churchill wrote, “This year has been tough for businesses. Many rumors have been circulating about the real position of Mulleys Supermarkets.”

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“Having contacted them, they have assured me they are working on a restocking strategy and soon they will have everything restocked back on their shelves.” he added.

Many online users looked at the situation like a typically paid partnership strategy between the comedian and the supermarket, not letting the news of the supermarket’s struggle get out of hand.

“Kindly keep supporting them while waiting for the same. Everyone at one time in life has ever experienced ups and downs, they too will conquer,” Churchill added.

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We will keep you up to date with the latest from Mulleys’s Supermarket.


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