Otile Brown and Jovial are Back With a new Hit Dubbed ‘Jeraha’

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Just when most of his fans thought Otile brown was getting frustrated by the removal of some of his top hit songs from YouTube.

He has come back strong with another hit song dubbed ‘Jeraha’ featuring Jovial, already on YouTube.

{Otile Brown Featuring Jovial: Video Courtesy}

‘Dusuma’ hitmaker has outperformed himself every time he releases a hit.

According to the description on YouTube, the song ‘Jeraha’ was written by Otile Brown and performed by him and Jovial.

{Jovial: Photo Courtesy}

This is one of the best songs, which we @semaKenya believe will do so well.

This song has continued to draw the attention of many online users, with some saying that “Such Kinda Love hitmaker has saved then the stress of those who come in as friends and visitors but end up breaking marriages.

It has shifted the attention of most of his fans from what is going on with his other songs.

The two, Otile and Jovial, have worked together before, so they understand each other well. They did ‘This Kinda Love’, and the song has done tremendously well.

This Kinda Love is among the songs deleted on YouTube, but the song is back, and you can enjoy it.

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Otile Brown responds to a fan who thanked him for his new hit song featuring Jovial, “kwenye career yangu ya mziki hakuna Audio mashabiki washawai sisitiza kutolewa kwa video yake kama #jeraha , adi wanatukana … now go run it up ,. ✈️ out.”

{Fan thanks Otile Brown for a Great Song: Photo Courtesy}
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{Jovial: Photo Courtesy}

We will keep you up to date with the latest from Otile Brown and Jovial.


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