Famous City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Gifted His Daughter A Brand New Car.

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City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir has celebrated his daughter’s achievements, throwing her a lavish graduation ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by senior citizens, including Justice Isaak Lenaola and Professor PLO Lumumba, among others.

{Justice Isaak Lenaola: Photo Courtesy}

He gifted his daughter a brand new VW Polo for attaining a distinction at the Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom.

The car, which is locally assembled, is estimated to have cost the flamboyant city lawyer an estimated 1.69 million shillings.

In his speech, he thanked his friends and friends of his daughter for being part of the colorful occasion to celebrate her daughter’s achievements.

{City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir and Daughter: Photo Courtesy}

”I give my greatest gratitude to my BFFs (my constant circle of Bestest Friends) who turned up to celebrate the graduation of my daughter .. And her friends from Primary School, High Schoo & University who graced the occasion … And special thanks to Hon Justice Isaac Lenaola for leading us in Samburu Blessing Prayers. My Constant Circle of BFFs has become my Family,” he wrote.

{Prof. PLO Lumumba: Photo Courtesy}

Here are the exclusive photos from the lavish event.

{City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Looks on as Justice Isaak Lenaola Presenting the gift car: Photo Courtesy}
{VW Polo: Photo Courtesy}
{Photo Courtesy}
{Kipkorir’s daughter: Photo Courtesy}
{Prof. PLO Lumumba: Photo Courtesy}

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