Eric Omondi is Furious, “We must begin to cultivate a culture that believes in the fruits of HARD WORK!!!”

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Eric Omondi, the self-proclaimed president of comedy Africa, is furious for the right reasons. A section of Kenyans online, the doubting ‘Thomases’ came out claiming that Eric’s new residence in Karen is Airbnb.

Eric Omondi named his new residence as the official residence of the president of comedy in Africa.

The house, located in the heart of Karen, is a 7-bedroom house with enough outdoor space to host a party of more than 200 people.

Eric Omondi, the CEO of Big Tyme Entertainment, made it clear to those who still have doubts by sharing the documents for the house.

Business Legit, House Legit.

He said people must learn to believe that hard work pays, “I have worked for 14 years, Eric added. 

Eric, who was among the first comedians to join Churchill Show, has told those who might have forgotten that he joined Churchill Show in 2008.

{Eric Omondi: Video Courtesy]

Eric mentioned the name of one of the world’s most celebrated comedian Kevin Hart, whom he said owns five houses in the United States.

America’s Kevin Hart owns five houses. Why do you, referring to Kenyans, find it so difficult to believe that Eric Omondi can do the same?

But really, we must learn to give credit where it is due. This guy has worked so hard, done some crazy things just to make us laugh.

{Eric Omondi: Photo Courtesy}

Eric has built a name for himself as one of the most-watched comedians in Africa and the world.

Just the other, we saw one of his clips go viral in The United States and across the globe when celebrities and musicians such as Snoop Dogg and Rihanna shared one of his videos.

We are talking about celebrities who have millions of followers across the globe; Snoop Dogg alone has more than 65 million followers.

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The said clip hit 8 million views in just 24 hours.

Eric Omondi was over the moon after this video went viral and even joked about relocating to the United States.

MAMAAAA WE MADE IT!!! @snoopdogg @violadavis I would like to Thank God, my producers, my directors, my family, wife and children, Kenyans and Africans at large. Thank you for all the support. I will be leaving for the USA tomorrow it’s been real AFRICA. I will miss you but I will be visiting once in a while. The truth is I don’t feel safe anymore, Peace ✌✌… But I promise I will come to perform in Kenya soon,” he joked.

{Eric’s Mansion in Karen: Photo Courtesy}

Eric plans to move into his new house on October 19th.


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