Eric Omondi: Hits Back At KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua As He Gifts Bahati 200k, “We Can Do Without You.”

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Eric Omondi is among the celebrities who came through for Bahati’s album launch after KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua canceled the 200K financial support meant to boost Bahati’s album launch.

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In a show of might, Eric Omondi decided to gift Bahati the exact amount that Ezekiel Mutua canceled.

KFCB Boss alleges that Bahati went against the clean content policy with his new hit ‘FIKRA ZA BAHATI.’

One then would wonder why the song has not been pulled down for YouTube if it is true that it is not suitable for the public’s consumption.

In the video that has since gone viral on the social media platform, Eric Omondi is seen plashing the cash on singer Bahati.

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Eric Omondi shared the cash video, which is in denominations of 500 and 1000 Kenyan shilling.

This is not the first time Eric has been seen doing this. During his brother’s birthday a few months ago, Eric did the same.

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In a long Instagram post, Eric said, “So When I heard that @bahatikenya’s Sponsorship worth Ksh 200,000 had been canceled just a few hours before his event, as the PRESIDENT of Entertainment, I had to step in and reinstate the Sponsorship personally. “

“I honestly don’t think @bahatikenya did anything wrong. As creatives, sometimes we are called upon to do just that. Be creative. Bahati did whatever he did to push his album, and that’s how he puts food on his table. The guy is a father of FOUR bwana😥😥😡😡…But just like @mulamwah, he has learned his lesson. When he called me to ask for number ya yule CEO, si munajua yule jamaa wa vipindire I told him Wachana na huyo jamaa hasaidiangi watu but hakuskia. Next Time Tafuta PRESIDENT bwana Wachana na Ma CEO, ama namna Gani my friend?” he added.

City politician Alinur Mohamed is among those who offered singer Bahati 200k.

Politician Alinur Mohamed.
Politician Alinur Mohamed.

In a statement, Alinur said that he would reimburse Bahati the said amount (Sh200K), in line with his commitment to support local artists.

He added that Mutua could have sought better ways to sort out his fallout with Bahati instead of parading everything on social media.

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Alnur said, “I believe there are better ways to sort issues other than parading them online for cheap publicity. KFCB’s CEO, Dr Ezekiel Mutua alias Deputy Jesus has said that he has canceled 200K partnership deal with @BahatiKenya. That has not only tainted Baha’s name but also jeopardized his main source of income. In my consistent commitment to supporting local artists, I am going to pay the 200k to Bahati.”

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