Develop a Habit of Spending 10 Minutes In Quietness Each Day.

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The quality of your daily life is determined by the first 10 minutes of your day. You want quality results in every area of your life, develop a habit of spending 10 minutes in quietness each day.

 Do this before you leave your house to face the day. This habit will make you bold and unstoppable.

It will not be easy the first day, week, or month, but the more you remain committed to this ritual, the easier it will become each passing day. 

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Nothing is hard to achieve until we accept that it is hard when we develop a habit that allows us to look at situations or things with a possibility mentality, that’s when we start winning.

Spending ten minutes each day will help you to harness the hidden power within you.

You will begin to do things you never thought you would do. 

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Do you ever ask yourself why sometimes you always feel so weak and unmotivated, making you unproductive?

To kill this habit, you need to start by allocating just ten minutes each day for personal growth and development.

It is not easy to develop inner strength. It takes time and commitment to establish your strength and even more time to begin using it. 

The best strategy for developing some level of inner strength is by spending about ten minutes in quietness each day.

During this time, try not to worry about what you have done wrong or what you should have done right. Focus on remaining quiet, listen to your heartbeat and taking deep breaths.

After the ten minutes session, go to the mirror and say these words to yourself:

I have great potential.

I can do all things.

I am achieving all my set goals for today.

I am unstoppable.

I am attracting good to my life.

The best time to harness this extraordinary power is in the morning hours when the day is just starting. You will be ready to face your day with a new belief system telling you that all things are attainable. 

Why do I say early morning is the best? Because mornings are quiet, and you will not experience any interruptions.

Ask yourself this question, what time do I have left?

Remaining quiet for a few minutes a day helps you to develop a strong mental power and prepares you to face the day with boldness.

Develop a habit of spending 10 minutes in quietness every day.

This habit, too, can be learned if you set your mind to it. The Japanese martial arts call it “YOGA.” They use it to develop a winning mindset, and true to this belief, they are known for being the best in martial arts worldwide.

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