WILLY PAUL: Why I Don’t Regret Switching To Secular Music.

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Singer Willy Paul has confirmed that he does not regret his decision for leaving the gospel industry, as it was triggered by depression. 

The artist said that when he decided to switch, he was on the brink of breaking down.

Willy Paul is not alone; another artist who silently dived into the secular industry is singer Bahati.

Willy Paul seems to be doing just fine in the industry; he has produced several hit songs which are doing so well on YouTube.

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Kenyans are still seeking answers from Willy Paul. Everyone wants to know why he quit the gospel industry. 

No more questions, Willy Paul, has finally revealed to his fans why he quit, saying depression pushed me out.

In a long Instagram post, the Liar Hitmaker alleged that he felt hated by those whom he thought would help him become a better artist in the industry.

Willy Paul wrote, “Some of you ask me why I left the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ… And even call me names because I no longer praise Jesus in my songs… According to them, I am so evil and everything bad. Those are the same people that fought me nikiwa upande wa Yesu. The reason as to why I felt. Hate from my fellow artists and DJs, luck of airplay (claiming my content wasn’t Godly back then) ubaguzu na mapendeleo.”

The singer also said that for about four months, he fell into depression and heartbroken.

“These people broke my heart! They hurt me so badly. I was depressed for 4months. I kept crying in silence every single day and night. It got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore… I had no money to pay my bills and even help out pale nyumbani. Can you imagine I had the biggest songs na Hawa watu wakanichorea hivo tu. I’m not perfect, but what I went through as a gospel artist, no servant of God should go through!!!,” 

 Most of the time, we are told that you cannot stay with people who hurt your feelings and tell you what you can and cannot do. 

He felt hurt and hated, so he had to choose whether he wanted to continue staying with the same people who caused him so much pain.

Willy Paul and one of his lady friends: Photo taken from one of his music videos.
Willy Paul and one of his lady friends: Photo taken from one of his music videos.

He had to face life and change things.

“Since I loved music and had bigger hopes with my career, I chose the other side, which is where I am today, n that’s what has kept me alive and stable. I was tired of the hypocrisy in the so-called Gospel industry. Plus, I just wanted 2b real with myself and not lie to God! God cannot be fooled, so I took a chill pill na sai Niko hapa.

 Same people that didn’t want me there were the first to reach out !!!”

Do what you love. Trust yourself. Trust your ego.



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