Former CJ Maraga Reacts To Willy Mutunga’s Letter To President Kenyatta.

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Former CJ Maraga on Wednesday 9th spoke his mind about the letter written by his predecessor Dr. Willy Mutunga to President Kenyatta.

In the letter, the former CJ condemned the rejection of the six judges who were vetted nominated by JSC for High Court and Court of Appeal Judges. 

In an exclusive interview with KTN, former CJ Maraga confirmed that he had carefully read the open letter written by Dr. Mutunga.

{Former CJ: Photo Courtesy}

“I agreed with every word in that statement. I read it carefully, and I agree with every word in that statement. When a situation gets so bad, it requires that people get brave and frank enough to state what the position is, because when you keep quiet, if Justice Mutunga had kept quiet, if we keep quiet yet we see the country sliding into anarchy can you come back and claim you wish you had said something? That’s being hypocritical and dishonest! It’s a disservice to yourself and to the country,” he noted.

According to the former CJ, the open letter to the president was appropriate, insisting that the president must respect the law and appoint the remaining six Judges.

He went on to say that the president was setting a bad precedence for the country.

He also stated that the country had lost the opposition, stating that there is no one to hold the president accountable for his actions.


“Maybe because it has been repeated gave Dr. Mutunga even more reason to come out as he did.

“I don’t want to purport to explain Dr Mutunga’s letter, it is very clear but for the sake of your viewers, let me put it in Swahili, ‘Yale Justice Mutunga aliandika na yale ambayo yametendeka ni kusema tu Rais hana mamlaka ya kusema ataajiri huyu na asiajiri yule. Hayo mamlaka yamepewa watu wengine. Tukimruhusu Rais aendelee hivi, italeta shida Kenya hii’,” Maraga stated.

According to Maraga, President Kenyatta had no legal rights to reject any names from the list forwarded to him by the JSC.

{Former CJ: Photo Courtesy}

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{Former CJ: photo Courtesy}

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