My Dreams scare me Sometimes – Betty Kyallo.

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My dreams are Big…Your dreams must be BIG enough to scare you sometimes because it is the big dreams that bring about the change. 

It is the big dreams that push you to do more. It is the big dreams that drive you out of your comfort zones.

I was going through my Facebook page when I saw a picture of the celebrated media personality Betty Kyallo seated in a new Range Rover with this caption, “My dreams scare me sometimes.”

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Her dream scared her, but all she knows is to dream BIG, to dream dreams that scare her. Betty Kyallo knows that she cannot afford to dream small. And by the way, why would you dream of owning just a tiny studio apartment or small car when there are other better houses or cars?

Life throws to us only what is achievable, and this is just how the universe works. Yes, it may be scary, just like Betty Kyallo’s dream, but the truth is that it is achievable.

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Let’s answer these questions

Do your dreams scare you sometimes?

How big do you dream?

What is that big thing that you’ve always wanted to own, and why don’t you have it?

One thing that I know about dreams is that they must be big. I don’t know what you think, but I believe that it is the big dreams that make the difference between high and low achievers.

There is nothing like an average achiever. I will talk more about this in the next post. Sign up for more.

If your dream has never scared you, then you’ve not started to dream yet.

Find the one dream that scares the hell out of you sometimes.

The best way to test your dream is to walk into a car yard and ask to see what you’ve always wanted to own, sit in your dream car. You will find this so scary. 

Alternatively, you can go for a house search, visit some of the best and serene places, get inside those beautifully furnished apartments and mansions. Go around the house, touch the walls and feel the texture.


When you come face to face with the car that you desire to drive, or with that how that you so much want to build or buy for your family, you will say the same thing that Betty said, ‘My dreams scare me sometimes.”

A stretched goal and dream are more challenging. It sends you to the edge of your current abilities, to a point where you have to push your body to reach it.

The caption “My dreams scare me sometimes,” I believe set sent her to live outside her previous achievements.

To reach your next target.

Start by setting goals that will make you stretch.

Start by setting goals that are challenging.

Start by setting big goals.

What I did with my dreams will surprise you.

I went to one of the car yards along Ngong road and asked to be taken around. I loved what I saw, I sat in a Range Rover, and it was scary. But I said this to myself; one day, I will own one just like this.

To succeed, you must first set goals and have dreams that scare you sometimes. We fail our way to success.

I will always drop something.

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