Believe in Yourself.

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Believer: Lessons from King Kaka’s new email signature.

When he sent that email to his friend one year ago, he did not know that it would turn out to be one of the life-changing moments for many young people across the globe.

“I believe you are up to something?” He responded with a YES.

King Kaka’s story is interesting, it is one story that is not new to many Kenyans, and so I will make it short.

King Kaka was raised by a single mother in Eastland’s Kaloleni estate.

His mother was a fruit vendor in the Industrial area.

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Why do I tell this story?

I tell this story because I want you to take a moment of self-reflection just like king kaka did many years ago. 

He was raised in an area well-known for poverty, crime, and drug abuse. It had to take more than just education to rise and get out of the life he knew, and to start searching for a better life, a life he had tasted for just a few hours when he went to visit a family friend whom he says were relatively well off. 

King Kaka is also the first East and Central African brand ambassador for Remy Martin.

King Kaka.Brand ambassador for Remy Martin.Photo credit: Instagram/thekingkaka
King Kaka.Brand ambassador for Remy Martin.Photo credit: Instagram/thekingkaka

One of the most significant turning points in a person’s life is deciding to believe in him/herself. Deciding to let go of any limiting beliefs and to develop new ones.

It is always difficult to let go of what you have believed to be true. It is hard to think that you will be rich one day if all you’ve known is poverty.

It is hard to believe that you can own a company if all you’ve known is working for others. 

It is hard to start a family and be there for your children if a single parent raised you.

Believing these things is hard. But if you believe you can, nothing can stop you.

I tell this story because it is a story of great belief, determination, hard work, commitment, love, and desire to improve the lives of those around you.

His mother’s advice, “go get that education, work hard on improving your skills, and most importantly, believe in yourself.

Age is never an issue.

“I started a clothing business at 20 years and a graphic design company at 21 years,” King Kaka narrated. 

The third reason is from the CEO of Kaka Empire himself. He said, “I am telling you this because I believe that you can think and work your ideas into existence. Because I believe you can create your ideas, actualize them, speak them into existence.” 

Be a believer in yours.

Let me drop this right here: Believe in Yourself.

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