Do Not Look For The Easy Way. A reason to Create Your path.

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The easy way leads to predictable results. What makes life interesting is searching for answers. Easy does not allow you to expand your thinking.  

If it were easy, then everyone would be having all that they ever dream of acquiring. It has been made complex for one reason; as you go up the ladder, you will be learning life lessons on success and what it takes for a person to succeed.

I believe in the words of Bill Eckstrom, “What makes you comfortable can ruin you and only in the state of discomfort can you continually grow.”

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If you are the kind of person who likes the easy way, get ready for a severe fall. Nothing good comes easy.

If you genuinely want to grow, you must decide to let go of the belief that EASY is the best route and instead learn to be more decisive in the most challenging situations. 

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Why do 90% of businesses close up in the first four months? The answer is simple, they have some working capital in the first two months, and so even if they don’t get as much business, they remain unbothered.

In the third month, they start to feel the heat, and they begin to get to terms with the truth. They need business soonest, frustrations set in as soon as they fail in securing a business within the month.

They closed up because they lack the drive, passion, determination, patience. They close up because of competition.

Reasons why you can’t afford to go the easy way.

If you are to become a successful farmer and to have a great harvest, you will have to get dirty, go to the farm, prepare the land, plant the seeds, remove the weeds at some point, and wait for the right to harvest your crops.

1.   Easy is predictable. 

If you decide to take the easiest route, you will be doing things that you already know their outcome. With predictability, you do not have to set any goals.

People like to dwell in their comfort zones simply because they do not like challenges.

2.   Easy is to stop learning.

Why do I say easy is to stop learning? Learning requires that you stretch your thinking and make some mistakes along the way. Wisdom requires that you make mistakes and learn from them. Going the easy way will deny you the privilege to grow. 

3.   Easy means less accountable.

Action determines an outcome. When you go the easy way, you will get some easy results. Easy does not inspire accountability. 

When it requires you to put in the work, you will commit to it until you get the desired results.

4.   Easy makes you a YES kind of person.

In 1977, stand-up comedian Bill Cosby drew the attention of his listeners when he read, “I do not know the key to success, but the key to failure is to say YES.”

What is the relationship between saying yes, and taking the easy route? Let me go back to the first point; easy is predictable. As long as you know the outcome of any assignment, you will say YES to destructions. 

5.   Easy way is to say NO to risks.

Looking for the easy way is deciding not to take risks. Decide to take calculated risks and learn in the process. You cannot afford to run your life in slow motion or constantly look for a safe landing. 

IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL YOU WIN – By Les Brown is one of my greatest motivational speeches.

Please listen to this.

[Les Brown. Video credit: YouTube]

Avoid being predictable by taking the route less followed, and sometimes you will have to create your path. 

Easy is predictable.

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